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Francesca Davidson

Francesca Davidson (aka SASS) is a Washington native who lives and works in Seattle. As a child who grew up with an urgent sense of wanderlust, she has traveled all over the world, including traversing the South American continent from southern tip to Caribbean coast.

Her outdoors appetite is equally insatiable with hundreds of miles of backpacking under her belt and experience in basic climbing techniques. As an avid but amateur urban gardener, she has a strong interest in local foods and experimental recipes inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

She has a love/hate relationship with her sometimes drab home of Seattle. The summers in the Northwest are short and sweet and like no where else.¬† However, the gray winters — while sometimes depressing — allow ample time for exploring music, art, and film. And when it’s truly nasty out she can always take time to decode the mysterious healing power of soup from scratch and the perfect cupcake.

By day Francesca works as a technical writer and marketing communications professional for a renewable energy technology company. This website was largely motivated by her desire to strike a healthy balance between her daily left brain work and her right brain skills (typically her stronger asset). By sharing experiences from her life and the world around her, she hopes to offer guidance, know-how, and of course entertainment.

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  1. Terrific job on the site and your breadth of coverage, Francesca. The recipes look fun and the accounts of your travels are engaging. You have a sublime talent for transporting your audience in an economy of words. You should look into a career in writing. ;-)

    Well done!

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