Tomato Update #3

July 5, 2012

It has been a little over two months since I last filled you in on my “tomatoes-from-seed” challenge and I have some good news! Success!

While at first I was dismayed to see several of my 12 seedlings die days after I transplanted them, about half hung in there and now I have the final 4! By luck there is a bit of variety too: 1 Roma, 1 Yellow Pear cherry tomato, and 2 Sioux beefsteaks.

The Final Four!

With me out of town much of June (and of course the still cool, wet conditions we experienced much of the month), I let these final seedlings get a bit too tall for their containers before moving them outside. The extra coddling was for their own good, though, as my cilantro transplants didn’t last a week in the cold, sogginess that was June. However, with sunny 70-80 degree weather projected for the next couple of days and lows in the upper 50’s, I decided it was finally time to let the “birds out of the nest” so to speak.

With the amount of time it takes tomato plants to fruit in the Northwest, I figured it was now or never! So yesterday I re-potted them in large containers with a support stake to grow on. Depending on how well they do, I’ll probably need to get cages or set up some sort of twine/stake combination.

Good luck little guys!

Tomato seedlings in their new containers

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