Hello from Lima!

So SASS will permanently be on the road for a while (and in the wild and in the city, but definitely not at home). My plan is to have 18 months of summer so I am abandoning Seattle for South America!

Parque del Amor

I just arrived in Lima yesterday morning and have had two days here. I have seen a lot, but at a pretty relaxed pace. Some highlights include…

1. Visiting a ruin from 200 AD (essentially a big crumbling pyramid of bricks). Huaca Pucllana was actually pretty interesting though. They used to bury the high priests here like the Egyptians–not mummified, but with offerings and all of their servants and family to serve them in the afterlife. My favorite detail of the tour was that this area didn´t get “discovered” until the 1980s and before that it was just a hill where people would ride dirt bikes and fly kites. They also had a demo garden with corn and potatoes and a weird petting zoo with llamas, alpacas, and guinea pigs (aka dinner!).

Huaca Pucllana

2. Watching surfers and paragliders from the parks along the waterfront cliffs of Miraflores. It was crazy to look out over the Pacific Ocean, like I have so many times before, and think this is the same ocean only thousands of miles south. It was so peaceful and definitely the highlight of my first day.


3. Visiting the Franciscan Monastery and Catacombs in downtown Lima. Lots of colonial style architecture, paintings of Jesus and Francis of Assisi, and yes bones!

View from downtown Lima

4. Ceviche! Met up with some friends of a friend and had a super fancy meal last night on the water with 4 different kinds, plus some octupus rissoto, and a local fish dish.

5. Lots of hilarious Limenos (Lima residents). This includes crazy drivers (seriously crazy…this isn´t Seattle where you wait and someone waves you in…I´m surprised I haven´t been hit yet). They actually have people directing traffic on podiums at busy intersections like the old days in the US to enforce the changing of the light from green to red. Also lots of cute Peruvian kids. My favorite was a 3 year old boy whose dad was driving him around in a kid sized remote control car.

Traffic controller

Lima has been great, but I´ve got lots to do in Peru so tomorrow I´m off to Cusco and the Andes Mountains.

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